School Vision Screenings

Dennis Lin, O.D. Inc. and the Monterey Park Lions club provided free vision screenings to 6 elementray schools in the city of Monterey Park.  Over 2000 children were screened in 5 week period.

Results:  Aproximately 15-20% of children fail the vision screening.

Other impressions:  Numerous children were borderline passing.  Therefore the actual fail rate may even be higher than indicated.

Some far-sighted(hyperopic) children that pass the vision screening may still have problems with near/reading vision that might affect learning.  Reading glasses may benefit these kids and a professional eye exam may be indicated.

Near-sighted(myopic) children are more easily screened due to blurry distance vision.

The highest fail rate for vision screenings starts around the 3rd grade.  Children’s vision can go through dramatic changes from the age of 8 to 14.  However, it is very important to start screening school children no later than Kindergarten age.

Conclusion:  Approximately 1 in 5 children failed their school vision screening.